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DavidHendricksTEDxHi, I’m David.  I’m an instructional designer for LifeSouth Community Blood Centers creating effective, company-wide training. My position involves project management, document control, developing electronic and hands on training for both inexperienced and technically proficient learners, all while conforming to company and FDA, FACT, and CLIA regulatory standards.

I have over 20 years experience on designing and delivering instruction for various media to all ages of learners. I like to think that my experience as a musician, teacher and lifelong creative has given me some insight to how to make learning interesting. I’m always working towards developing engaging relevant learning.

In my previous life I was a music teacher and curriculum contributor and trainer for the Little Kids Rock program, a national organization that provides instruments to low income schools.  It’s a great organization, and they are doing good things all over the country.  In a society where we’re bemoaning lack of creativity in our students, it’s strange that we’re gutting the programs that can best teach creativity, and make no mistake, creativity can be taught.  Hear a little about what prompted me to become a musician and educator at TEDx Tampa.

Here’s a little personal info:

  • Grew up in Cocoa Florida, graduating from Cocoa High School
  • Went to the University of South Florida, graduated in 1993 with a music degree, started teaching music.
  • Got married in 2007, had my oldest daughter in 2009 and then another daughter in 2011.
  • Went back to USF and got my M.Ed.

I’ve been lucky to meet a lot of great people as part of my job and as a LKR teacher, in Feb 2009, my school was visited by Carmine Appice, drummer for Rod Stewart and Ozzy Ozbourne, and composer of the songs Young Turks and Do Ya’ Think I’m Sexy.  He’s a totally normal guy from Brooklyn and is very involved with LKR.  He presented us with a D-Drum drum set, which allowed us to take our guitar program from  “guitar ensemble” to  “rock band”.

Carmine visits Our School from the Tampa Tribune.

Carmine visits from Bay News 9.

Our school was also visited by Rich Eckhardt, Toby Keith’s guitar player.  He visits Little Kids Rock schools when he’s on tour.  Another great musician and down to earth guy.

Our school is at 1:09 in this video for the One Love project.

©2020 David Hendricks.  The views expressed are mine and not necessarily those of my current or former employer.

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  1. David, we would like to contact you by email to request permission to use one of your videos for educational purpose. Could you please email me with your contact information? Many thanks.

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