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Instructional Design in the Wild: Champagne Fail

Champagne BottleOpening champagne bottles is serious business. There’s the potential for eyes getting put out, and then the fun and games are over. After that the liability lawsuits start, and that’s no celebration. The champagne bottle legal department wants you to be safe.

So here’s another instructional design spotted in the wild. It’s sort of a fail though. What does it really mean? Don’t drink from the bottle? Don’t open it towards your face? No wine for you? It’s a mystery. It’s clear the makers of this champagne wanted to tell us something, but maybe the ID department didn’t find the right SME for the job. Maybe legal did it themselves.  I mean, how hard can instructional design be, really? Legal ain’t got time for that so it’s more probable the SME failed to respond in a timely manner. Rare, I know, but it happens.

Turns out, that’s a screw cap, so the message may really be “don’t drink this stuff, it’s swill”.

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Reducing Cognitive Load in Multimedia Learning

Multimedia designers in educational or training settings need to think about the most effective way to deliver content and increase retention.  Cognitive Load Theory posits that humans have a finite capacity for assimilating information.  Extraneous processing is the amount of “brain power” users must to devote to non essential processing – leaving less brain power for learning.  In other words, if you overload the auditory and visual channels your learners might not retain the information you want them to.  Here’s a quick video on how to reduce cognitive load in your learners.

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Saturday Feb. 21st, LKR Workshop at Spoto High School

Hi fellow LKR rockstars, I’ll use this page to consolidate any materials or video that we generate.  I’ve been looking forward to this, and I think Dann, Nelson, Sean, and I have a workshop you’ll really enjoy, and we hope that it will allow you to do some great things in your classroom.

How to Arrange a Song: Covers some of the tips we talked about to make a song suitable for classroom use.

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