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Instructional Design in the Wild: Trunk Escape!

Trunk Escape!
Trunk Escape!

As you’re going about your day, take a look around you at signs and pictograms you see. It’s a good lesson in taking complex ideas and delivering them in a simple, and understandable way. When you think about it, that’s what instructional designers do. But, sometimes, you don’t want to read 90 slides of bullet points, ¬†all you want to do is escape from the car trunk you’re trapped in. This course is delivered by plastic pull handle, and it wants to let you know that you shouldn’t just climb out of the trunk, you should spring out and start running. As an added bonus, it’s glow in the dark. It won’t help you if you’re unconscious for 30 minutes after being stuffed in the trunk, but somebody in the trunk escape handle department certainly did their job.

Thanks to Michael Hallberg at Hydrazine Alley for providing the photo. Go check it out, especially if you love space themed stuff.

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