Free Guitar Resources

Here’s a list of things I’ve created for my class or for workshops I’ve done. Many of these things are for my own use, and therefore tailored to my guitar program, but you can probably find some things you can use.

Guitar Videos

Welcome to Guitar – Covers parts of the guitar, frets etc, hand position, and care and handling of the guitar. My school has a very transient population, so I’d be covering this every week, instead I made a video for new students to watch. Some of the procedures are tailor to my class, (don’t touch the tuners or you put your guitar away, etc).

Welcome to Guitar – this is a shorter, more generic version, done for a multimedia class.  The quality is a little better, not as much “class procedure” as the other one which was specifically for my class. See the YouTube video below.

How to read chord diagrams – This is how I cover the topic in my class.

Strum Rhythms – Quarter and eighth notes.


Play Alongs:

These are a “follow the bouncing ball” type of video, there’s a chord chart of the song that highlights each chord as it’s played. Use them to solo over, or to practice chord changes or right hand strumming rhythms.

12 Bar Blues Country – This is done with Magic Garage Band, in the key of A, 100 bpm in a country style.

12 Bar Blues Shuffle – Another Magic Garage Band song, in the key of A, 100 bpm blues shuffle style.

12 Bar Blues – Straight Eighths a lá Rock and Roll by Led Zeppelin

String Names Practice – You can play each string eight beats, starting on string one and going to string six, or teacher plays four beats, students echo four beats.

Lesson Plans and Helpful Hints

Class Guitar Procedures

Learning a song part 1

Learning a Song Pt 2

Pivot-Fingers –  This is a concept that makes it easier to change chords.

Chord Change Fluency – How to conceptualize and teach changing chords.

Arranging a Song – How to take a song and simplify or spice it up.

Music Worksheets, Quizzes, and Manipulatives (.pdf Format)

Print out cards for cooperative learning/differentiated instruction (.pdf files).

E Chord Printout

D Chord Printout

A Chord printout

Fret/String Worksheet This is a worksheet I have students do before they get guitars.  It lets me know they can find frets and strings on the guitar. I have them do it as partners, when they’re done, and they show me, then they get to go get a guitar, and then they work together to find frets and strings on the actual guitar.  They they get quizzed again on the real guitar.


TimeToGoAndPlayTime to Go and Play –  This are some cards used for creating a rondo, using games kids play.  If you’ve come to one of my songwriting workshops or my Rockfest presentations, these are the printable pdf’s.

RockFest2016Rockfest 2016 Session Powerpoint
Rockfest 2016 Session Keynote


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