Useful Guitar Links.

Ok, I’ve got a lot of sites I visit that are really useful, full of guitar drum and bass information, so I’m going to put them all here with some short descriptions. From guitar repair to jam tracks, anything that I’ve found useful to me in the past. Maybe you’ll find something you can use.

Instrument Repair and Set Up.

MIMF – Musical Instrument Makers Forum. They’re really picky about following their posting rules in the forum, but it’s an enormous treasure trove of instrument knowledge. Any sort of stringed instrument, and even percussion and winds. From removing necks to changing tuners, whatever, someone there will know how to do it. – run by California luthier Frank Ford, full of pictures of how to fix guitars, banjos, whatever. Very cool tricks, tips, and homemade tools.
Guitar Attack – little bit of everything, guitar repair for the novice, repainting, playing tricks and tips, gallery of Saga guitar kits people have built.
Guitar Nuts – Great electric guitar wiring site, and how to banish all hum from your guitar, single coils included!

Backing Tracks, Tabs, Chords, Lyrics. – Just like it says, song tracks minus guitar, some have vocals some don’t but most are really good, some are just midis but most are spot on copies.
Ultimate Guitar – One of the biggest tab sites online.  Buyer beware they’re seldom 100% correct.

How to Videos

Three Chord Guitar – Lots of easy guitar lessons by Mojo, Three chord songs and how to play them, licks “in the style of”, simplified licks and songs. Check out his YouTube channel too. He sort of leans to the the Southern Rock/Country genre, but he’s got everything from U2 to Miles Davis.
Justin SandercoeJustin on YouTube – hailing from Britain, this is one of the best series of YouTube lessons out there. Everything from rock to jazz, chords, scales, solos, techniques, and more. No matter what your level you can probably get something from this.
Rock On Good People.  More good videos, some of everything here, much like Justin Sandercoe’s, but with many different instructors.


Hydrogen Drum Machine – open source drum machine for GNU/Linux. No PC version, but if you’ve got a Mac then you can use it. Lots of good sounding drum samples and the ability to download more. You can import the files into your favorite sequencer.
Soundflower – This Macintosh program is so simple it’s easy to overlook, but it’s incredibly useful. It allows you to easily pass audio to one application to another. It appears as an audio device for any audio program. Suppose you have a video or DVD and you want to record some of the audio from it. Set your system output to Soundflower and set your Audacity input to Soundflower. Play the DVD and press record on Audacity. OR if you want to get some midi sounds into audacity, you play them with Quicktime and record them into Audacity.

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